• Lydia Chu

Dressing Well

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

By wearing the right kind of clothes, you can look better and have more confidence in achieving the things you want in life.

What you wear and how you wear it can make a huge difference.

When I was growing up, I was this skinny little kid with zero self-confidence. As I mentioned on About Me page, I was labeled from a very early age as an ugly duckling. So, I always hated the way I looked and was always trying to cover up my thin body with loose and baggy clothes. Well, little did I know that I was actually making things worse by dressing in baggy clothes and not caring about how presented myself to the world.

It wasn't until after I had my first child that I began to see what a nice fitting clothes can do for me and my self-confidence. I had my first daughter, Hannah, when I was almost 35 years old. Up until then, I hated my body and the way I looked so I was still wearing ill-fitting and baggy clothes. Well, I don't know why I started dressing better after having my first child. I'm sure if you're a woman and has given birth, you know that your body changes significantly and your body never goes back to how it was before giving birth. Well, after losing most of the pregnancy weight, I had to shop for new clothes. Thanks to breast feeding, all of the weight came off in no time and some.

This is when I started shopping differently and started buying clothes that fit me better, but I was still very far from dressing well. I still didn't have any idea why dressing well was that important until I started working with my clients. I started noticing that when people dressed better, not as in expensive clothes, but in clothes that fit better, not only did they look better but they actually felt better about themselves. No matter how we like to think that we should be judged solely for who we are and not what we look like, there is no denying that how we look has a huge impact on how others perceive us.

When we dress better, we feel better and actually like ourselves better. This in turn gives us more confidence and allow us to have better outlook on life. It's part of taking care of yourself and respecting who you are. Also, when you dress well, the way others perceive you changes completely. No matter how much we like to deny it, well dressed and groomed person will get more respect and will go farther in life. It's a sign of diligence and respect not just for yourself but for those around you.

Here is a good example. You are given a picture of two people who you don't know and never met before. You have to choose one person to go on a blind date with. Without knowing their personality and what kind of people they are, you have to make your choice solely based on the outer appearance of that person. The person who is well groomed and well dressed or the person who is dressed in baggy clothes and is not well groomed? Who would you choose? I think the choice is obvious. First impression is always important if you want to get ahead and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you in life.

Here are some tips on dressing better:

1. Know your body type - Just because something looks good on others, it doesn't mean it's going to look good on you. Dress to suit your needs and your style not on current fashion.

2. Don't wear baggy clothes - a lot of my clients tell me that they have to wear baggy clothes because of their size, and they're afraid that fitting clothes will make them look bigger. From my experience, baggy clothes will actually make you look bigger and more sloppy. If you want to look leaner and taller, choose clothes that are more tapered to your body.

3. Know your size - Yes, you shouldn't be wearing baggy clothes but you should also avoid buying clothes that are too small. Now, there is a difference between right fitting clothes and being too tight. Skinny pants are not right for everyone.

4. Spend less and still look good - Over the years, I've never spent a lot of money on clothes. I like to keep a simple wardrobe with inexpensive clothes that fit me right. Expensive clothes, in general, require more care and maintenance including dry cleaning which can be an added cost. With the right home care, I've been able to wear my favorite clothes for a number of years. A good example of this is a pair of shorts I've bought from Express about 15 years ago. I remember buying them when I went down to see my college friend in LA. We were at a mall and I had bought them because they were on sale for $15. They still fit and are still in good condition.

5. Tailor your clothes to fit you - Most of the clothes you buy off the rack will not fit perfectly. If you don't know how to sew, take it to the alteration shop to get fitted. Even minor alterations like simple hemming can make a huge difference in how they fit. You can turn a garment that you like to the one you love!



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