• Lydia Chu

How I got rid of my gallstones naturally

Almost three years ago, through a routine ultrasound, it was discovered that I had gallstones. I briefly talked about this in my very first blog "Why I changed my diet".

Even though I didn't have any symptoms, my doctor recommended that I get a MRI done to see if the stones were blocking my bile duct. I was told that most people who have gallstones don't even realize that they have them until they start having symptoms which can include vomiting, nausea and digestive problems. If ithe stones were indeed blocking the bile duct, it could possibly cause a serious complications and may require a surgery.

Gallstones are pieces of solid materials that form in your gallbladder, a small organ located under your liver. Most of these are cholesterol stones, and it's more common among people who are obese and has a poor diet. The most common form of treatment is gallbladder surgery where the gallbladder is completely removed. This type of surgery is called cholecystectomy, and it's one of the most common surgeries doctors perform today.

Well, I wasn't overweight and had a pretty decent diet or least I thought I did. I also didn't have any symptoms. So, when my doctor mentioned surgery, I got scared. The thought of having one of my body parts taken out just didn't sit well with me. So, I started doing some research on my own to see if there was an alternative to having surgery. I ran across many articles on people using liver and gallbladder cleanse. Even though this method has never been medically proven, many people have tried it and were successful at getting rid of the stones. I watched many YouTube videos as well as doing a lot of reading on the internet to make sure it was safe enough and that I wasn't going to make myself sicker. After many hours of research and reading different articles, I found a recipe that was easy to follow on Natural Liver & Gallbladder on Wellness Mama. Trust me, I was pretty nervous and skeptical but having surgery scared me even more so I had to try it.

According to the recipe, I had to drink as much apple juice as possible or eat as many apples as I can to prepare my liver for the detox. I drank as much unfiltered organic apple juice as I could while eating my regular meals for the first 5 days. I also tried to eat as many fresh, organic apples as possible. Growing up, I never even liked apples and hardly ever ate them. I think I have eaten more apples in the last three years than I have my whole life. Now, I eat at least one apple a day. I found out that there are many benefits of eating apples, but they're suppose to be especially good for preventing gallstones and liver disorders.

The worst part of the whole process was drinking Epsom salt water. I have to say it's pretty nasty, and the virgin olive oil and lemon juice drink (you can also use grapefruit) was not any better. As far as the bathroom trips, they actually started as soon as I started drinking the Epsom salt water the night before. It wasn't suppose to happen until the day of the cleanse but for me, it started with my first dose of the Epsom salt water. On the final day, after drinking my last dose of the salt water, I was going to the bathroom just about every 10 minutes for about 4 hours. I know, it wasn't fun.

I wish I had kept the pictures I took of the little stones that got flushed out. I took bunch of pictures but got rid of them months later thinking I had no need for them. The results were pretty amazing. Just like they said on the articles, even though I didn't count them, I must have released at least about 500 stones, both big and small. The numbers got less and less toward the end. I was pretty amazed, but still wasn't completely convinced until I had the second ultrasound in 2018.

So, my first ultrasound was in July of 2017 when the gallstones were first discovered. After my first cleanse, I did not go back to the doctor to confirm. I waited another year and did another cleanse in 2018. This time, it wasn't as intense. They were mostly small stones, and I did not release as many stones as I had the first time. I believe this is because I made a significant change in my diet by switching to plant-based. Right after my first cleanse, I stopped eating food that was high in cholesterol like eggs, butter, pizza, cheese and seafood, and started eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that were high in fiber.

After the second cleanse in 2018, I went in for another ultrasound. This time, there were no sign of gallstones. I was gallstone FREE and didn't have to have surgery! I got rid of them without surgery and I was thrilled!

There is no sure way of knowing what I had flushed out were indeed the gallstones, but gallstones generally don't go away on their own. I believe that the cleanse helped me get rid of the gallstones I had accumulated over the years and by following a healthy diet, I was able to prevent them from forming again.

If you're thinking about doing the cleanse, I recommend doing a lot of research on your own and watching as many YouTube videos as you can before attempting. It's also recommended from the articles I read that if you're on a lot of medication or are in poor health, you DO NOT do the cleanse. This has purely been my personal experience and was not a medical recommendation.



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